The MAYA America journey starts overseas in Ukraine, where our co-owner and co-founder Justin Bruch, was farming near the Polish border. Bruch was raised on a 2,500-acre crop farm in northwest Iowa, where he remains a business partner today. Bruch went on to start  Farming in Ukraine, and managed 175,000 acres of farmland and a fleet of 27 combines in western Ukraine. On average we would harvest 30,000 acres of corn per year. Bruch has tested corn heads from both Europe and the United States, but was never happy with the quality of harvesting and chopping, plus the amount of downtime he was experiencing. He spent three years looking for a corn head to meet his needs.  Finally, in Spain, Justin came across the MAYA corn heads and was impressed with the owners, their facility and the high quality and reliability of their product. Shortly after their initial conversation, Justin’s brother Lance flew out to Barcelona and thus began the MAYA corn head journey to the US in 2013.


Justin and Lance led the charge of bringing this farmer built– farmer approved machinery to North America. The brothers opened a facility in Emmetsburg, Iowa where Lance runs the day to day operations while also managing the family’s farming operations. The MAYA cornhead’s innovative features and forward thinking team make it the top corn head serving farmers across 15 midwest states.  MAYA made the first folding corn head in 1992, beating John Deere to market by nearly 25 years for that particular feature.

In early 2014 Rick Nelson joined as an owner with the Bruch’s in the MayaAmerica business. Rick is a farmer from Iola Kansas and has been actively farming on the family farm his entire life. He is focused on the sales, support and business management along with the rest of the ownership team.  Rick has an MBA from K-State and extensive industry experience with very large animal health pharmaceutical companies.


“The MAYA corn heads provide real solutions to farmers,” says Bruch. “Very rarely does harvest go according to plan, and the MAYA corn heads provide the flexibility needed to get the job done.”  Lance Bruch, heads MAYA AMERICA in Emmetsburg, Iowa, while also managing the family’s farming operations.


Maya has dealers and parts warehouses/service support dealers across Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and Kansas.  The 3 owners of the team are located in Emmetsburg, Iowa, Iola, Kansas and Omaha Nebraska.  The central warehouse for the USA is located in Emmetsburg Iowa.

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