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About                          America Corn Heads

The Story of MAYA

As told by Luis, the Owner of MAYA Corn Heads


Our story is this. I was farming in Ukraine for 7 years. I farmed 135,000 acres in Western Ukraine near the Polish border.  I left in 2014 after the Russian invasion in the south. I had 30,000 acres of corn each year and I had used Geringhoff corn heads the first year.  After the season I had a 6500 Euro or 10K dollar bill for each one to have it ready for the next year.  That was too expensive. So we went to Italy and bought 8 Capello corn heads.  I had to many issue and left to many kernels of corn in the field and ears.  I was not happy with that.  I found Maya in Spain.  I called and talked to the owner and he told me about his corn head and he said, “ if it leaves this plant it has a 3 year warranty on it, if it breaks from poor manufacturing then we will replace it at our cost, excluding wear parts like plastic, knives or chains”.  I had never heard of a 3 year warranty on a corn head. So 2 days later I flew to Spain, my brother who I farm with in Northwest Iowa also flew over, we met in Barcelona and took a train to Zaragoza to meet the owners.  They are a family business started by the dad in 1989 in his garage. They now have a great factory and the two sons are the owners. Its a family business, the dad is 80 and still works in the plant.  They are a smaller company that is all about quality.  


The great features are that they have a terrific warranty because they know they make quality heads. It is not limited by acres either.  The next feature is they have cutting system that chops the stalks at a down angle at 20 degree in stead of flat. Slide 18 pwp.  This is because when a person goes out and chops a plant with a corn knife ( like walking beans) you cut down as it takes less power.  So we have serrated edge knife for more surface area.  Because of the downward motion it does not windrow or move all the stover and stalks to one side, it all is thrown down into the row so we don’t need dividers under the heads like some companies.  


Next is the row unit itself. We have a very long row unit with a 30 inch long knife roller and 36 inch long stripper plate, the longest of any manufacture that I have been able to find.  Slide 6 of pwp.  Because we have very long row unit, we run our heads at only 550 rpm.  This is slower than the competition. The slow speeds allow the ears to have slow speed into the combine and gives less kernel shelling especially in drier corn.  But, at that 550 rpm speed we still chop better than our competition due to the chopping design.   We have the ability to shut the choppers off with the flip of a lever also for the farmer that has a fields that they don’t want to chop.  With our long row units we are designed to run very flat to the ground.  From the front of the corn head to the back, we have an angle of about 7 to 8 inches from the ground in the front to the back of the head. Slide 9 pwp.  This allows us to get under low hanging ears and in a situation where the corn is broke over or laying down, it allows us to easily slide under the plants at a low angle verse some of the competition with a very steep angle.  


Next we have down corn option that no other corn head in the world has. We run a chain straight up the snoot so that if a farmer has a major problem with down corn from wind or poor plant quality, we have a way to help it feed into the combine. Slide 13 and 14 in our pwp. Plus we can add to the outside rows a finger system for down or broken corn plants. Can be seen in slide 14 in pwp. That is the most unique feature because we are the only ones with this option and it can only be used on Maya heads and its a patented technology.  


The farmers in Spain and Europe have very narrow roads. So they do not have duals on the combine and they like folding corn heads because the roads are small and the road rules don’t allow wide equipment.  Maya made the first folding corn head in 1992.  To give a reference, John Deere just came out with a folding corn last year.  So, the Maya team has 20+ year experience making folding corn heads. They are made to very strong.


Last but not least, we are the best price in the market for a new folding chopping corn head of anyone in the USA.  

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